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United States calls for renewal of arms embargo on Iran amid Trump’s arrest warrant



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The top US envoy to Iran said the expiration of the UN arms embargo against the Islamic Republic should be renewed to avoid “becoming the arms dealer of choice for rebel regimes and terrorist organizations,” hours before Tehran issue an arrest warrant for President Trump for the murder of a senior general.

“If we let it expire, you can be sure that what Iran has been doing in the dark, it will do in broad daylight and more,” Brian Hook told The Associated Press on Sunday.

“If we play by Iran’s rules, Iran wins. It is a mafia tactic in which people are intimidated into accepting certain types of behavior for fear of something much worse,” Hook said of the threats from the mullahs of retaliate if the embargo continues, which expires in October.

Hours after his comments, Iran issued an arrest warrant and asked Interpol for help in arresting President Trump and a group of other officials who he said were involved in the US drone attack that killed General Qassem. Soleimani.

The assassination of the top military commander on January 3 in Baghdad prompted Iran to launch missiles at US targets in Iraq.

In retaliation for an extension of the arms embargo, Iran could kick out international inspectors monitoring its nuclear program, deepening a crisis that erupted when Trump unilaterally withdrew from Tehran’s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.

So far, the UN embargo has prevented Iran from buying fighter jets, tanks and warships, but has been unable to stop its arms smuggling in war zones.

Despite that, Hook insisted that both the import and export ban on Tehran must be maintained to ensure a broader region.

Iran’s mission to the UN did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The AP on Hook’s comments.

However, President Hassan Rouhani described Sunday 2020 as his country’s “most difficult year” due to the US economic pressure campaign and the coronavirus pandemic.

Since Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal, Iran has broken all the pact’s production limits.

The UN International Atomic Energy Agency, which monitors Tehran’s nuclear activity as part of the deal, said stocks of low-enriched uranium in the country continue to grow.

Meanwhile, Tehran prosecutor Ali Alqasimehr said on Monday that Trump and more than 30 people face “murder and terrorism charges,” the semi-official ISNA news agency reported, according to Al Jazeera.

Alqasimehr also said Iran had requested a “red notice” for Trump and the others, the highest-level notice issued by Interpol, based in Lyon, France.

The international police agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the media outlet.

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Shark kills diver on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef



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A shark attacked a 20-year-old diver off the Great Barrier Reef of Australia on Saturday afternoon, injuring his leg so badly that he bled to death.

Rescuers desperately tried to save the unidentified man, but he died at the scene, the Daily Mirror reported.

The attack comes just three months after a shark killed Zachary Robba, 23, in nearby waters.

Australia attributes four deaths so far this year to shark attacks.


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A female Air Force officer says sexual harassment is the “admission price” in the military



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A woman, Lt. Col. of the U.S. Air Force, is being dressed by women and veterans alike for not sympathizing with the sexual harassment suffered by Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillén before she was killed.

“You guys are joking, right? Sexual harassment is the price of admission for women in the good boys club,” Lt. Col. Betsy Schoeller, who serves in the Wisconsin Air Guard, posted on Facebook.

Scholler’s comment, which has been removed, was in response to a story about Guillén shared by another user, the Daily Mail reported.

Guillén disappeared in late April and his remains were found two weeks ago in a Texas field. A soldier suspected of beating her to death committed suicide.

Before her disappearance, Guillén had told family and friends that she was being sexually harassed by a superior.

The women and veterans immediately rejected Scholler, who is a tenured professor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. A petition on called the school to fire her.

Many criticized Scholler for blaming the victims instead of the harassers, the media outlet reported.

“This is as if ‘girls can’t wear revealing clothing because men can’t control their impulses’ on a completely different level,” wrote one woman. “Gahhhh, many bad words fly around my head.”

A veteran agreed.

“I spent literally half my career handling sexual assault / harassment charges for sailors,” wrote the user.

“Leaders like her not only encourage bullying, they also protect predators. This is not a mindset you left with your uniform. She brought it with her.


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Inside the mafia ties that plague the family of Dina Manzo, the star of ‘RHONJ’



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It’s enough to make you want to swallow a glass of pinot grigio the size of “Real Housewives.”

Due to the twisted love story between former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Dina Manzo, 47, and her ex-husband Tommy Manzo, the story repeats itself for one of the most infamous families in northern New Jersey . The Manzos have been forced to deny ties to the mob once again.

On Tuesday, Tommy, 55, pleaded not guilty to federal charges of hiring a Lucchese crime family soldier to beat Dina’s new husband, David Cantin, whom he married in 2017, a year after their divorce. Tommy’s.

Although Dina and Tommy, who have no children together, separated in 2012, they did not officially divorce until 2016. During the intervening years, he began dating businesswoman Cantin.

But Tommy was not out of his life.

Dina Manzo (second from left, with her castmates
Dina Manzo (second from left, with her co-stars “Real Housewives of New Jersey”) appeared in Bravo’s “RHONJ” during her first two seasons, beginning in 2009, and then returned for an additional season in 2014.Alex Martinez / Arm

According to federal charges revealed Monday, Tommy allegedly planned and carried out “an assault” on Cantin in 2015. At the time, Cantin and Dina were dating, and Tommy, according to the indictment, was “upset” about it.

Tommy and Dina were married in 2005, in an exaggerated event that unfolded in the VH1 reality series “My Big Fabulous Wedding”. This was four years before Dina joined “Real Housewives of New Jersey”. It was a family affair, as his co-stars included Dina’s older sister Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita, who is married to the sisters’ brother Chris.

Caroline, 58 and a former cast member of “RHONJ”, is famous for saying, “Let me tell you about my family, we are thick as thieves.”

She is not kidding. Tommy’s brother Albert Manzo is married to Caroline, so sisters Dina and Caroline also sisters-in-law at a point.

“I grew up with Dina, I have known her since she was 7 years old,” Albert told The Post, “We don’t want her head to hurt a hair. She is still my sister-in-law. She always will be.

Dina Manzo's ex-husband, Tommy Manzo, was arrested last week on charges of hiring the alleged crime family soldier Lucchese to assault Dina's current husband.
Dina Manzo’s ex-husband, Tommy Manzo, was arrested last week on charges of hiring the alleged crime family soldier Lucchese to assault Dina’s current husband.

It is unclear why the accusation is occurring now, five years after the event. But Caroline told “Extra” TV that her family was “heartbroken” over the charges.

“This is a family from both sides,” he said. “I want to know the truth and my loyalty will be with the truth. We don’t run away from things like this, we tackle them, and I feel comfortable with that because we are being painted with a brush that does not reflect who we are as people. “

As Tommy’s attorney Michael Critchley said, “The allegations stem directly from a fictional reality show plot.”

The allegations that the Manzos were riddled date back to 1983 when the paterfamilias, 400-pound Albert “Tiny” Manzo Sr., were executed gangland-style in August 1983. Tiny, the father of Albert and Tommy, was found in the trunk of his Lincoln Continental outside a supermarket in Hillside, NJ: naked, with arms and legs tied in plastic, with four bullet holes in the torso.

Reportedly, he and the Gambino family soldier Peter A. Campisi had stolen money from a mafia-connected casino on Staten Island. In a book called Mike Russell’s “Undercover Cop,” Tiny Manzo was described as “Jersey’s greatest executor.”

Dina's current husband, David Cantin.
Dina’s current husband, David Cantin.Patrick McMullan / PatrickMcMullan

Tiny Manzo was so heavy that it took the police several hours to extract his body from the Lincoln.

A former criminal defense attorney who represented some of the mafia figures Albert Sr. was said to be involved with told The Post that the lines between “the done boys and the goombas they hung out with” may be blurred.

“This is how they do business in Paterson,” said the attorney. “These people are not exactly the Boston Brahmans.”

But Albert Sr.’s son says it was all a misunderstanding.

“My father was not a gangster,” said Albert. “He was a wonderful and hard-working man. He was never charged with anything else related to being a gangster. The shame is that our family was the victim of a murder that was never solved, and that turned into a mob hit. “

Albert said his brother Tommy is not guilty of anything other than hard work as well.

“I think my brother is innocent. My father was also, ”said Albert. “It is horrible what happened to Dina’s husband. We just have to hope that whoever did this is found and goes to jail.” Albert added that Tommy is out on bail and back at his side with The Brownstone, the Paterson restaurant and food hall that the brothers run.

Lucchese crime family soldier, John Perna.
Lucchese crime family soldier, John Perna.New Jersey AG

The Manzos’ current problems stem from the volatile marriage of Dina and Tommy, a union condemned from the start, in “My Great Fabulous Wedding,” she admitted that she married him knowing that he had already cheated on her.

Family and friends say that it was the case of a woman who loved too much and a man who did not appreciate her.

“It was Dina who decided she wanted them to separate,” said Albert. “It was never Tommy. Tommy wanted her. I wanted them to stay together.

According to the indictment, Tommy enlisted the help of John Perna, 45, an alleged member of the Lucchese crime family, to attack Cantin in July 2015. Perna and another alleged member of the Lucchese crew followed Cantin to a shopping center. in Passaic County where he was attacked with a slapjack, a small club that hits someone to inflict injury, according to the indictment. Perna pleaded not guilty.

Cantin suffered “serious bodily injury” and a “permanent facial scar.”

Does she leave him and go with a new and younger boy? His ego couldn’t bear it. “

– Former “RHONJ” cast member Kim DePaola, about Tommy Manzo allegedly chasing after his ex-wife Dina’s new husband

Perna did this in exchange for a “deeply discounted” wedding reception at The Brownstone, which occurred about a month later and was attended by some 330 people, including members of the Lucchese family, according to the feds.

“RHONJ” star Kim DePaola says there is a reason that Dina decided to leave her husband. “[The divorce] It’s not in Dina, it’s all in Tommy, “DePaola told the Post.” Dina was madly in love with him and she sat at home every night waiting for him. She was a good wife. She was at The Brownstone doing her thing, if you get what what I say. “

Tommy Manzo allegedly “did his thing” with so many women that Dina once confronted one of them, who told her to “take it with her husband,” DePaola said.

So what happened for Tommy to go after Dina’s new boy, as the feds believe?

“Here’s the thing, Tommy really isn’t a bad guy,” said DePaola. “He’s kind, very kind to the people at The Brownstone. I think it was a man thing. They want what they can’t have. Didn’t he love Dina when she was starving and dying for his love, but when she leaves him and he leaves with a new and younger boy? His ego couldn’t take it. He was too wrapped up, that’s my opinion.

“It’s hard not to notice that your new boy looks like a younger version of Tommy. I’ll leave it at that.”

The Brownstone 351 West Broadway, Paterson, New Jersey.
The Brownstone at 351 West Broadway in Paterson, New Jersey.Google

As for ties to the mafia, DePaola added that neither Albert nor Tommy are “in life.” He also said that his father was not a “complete gangster”, but he was killed after he “did something that the complete ones did not like.”

“When you are complete you have to abide by some rules and regulations of life,” said DePaola. “As far as I know, [Tiny] maybe he did something that wasn’t following the rules the plugins had to follow and wanted to send a message. “

Now people wonder if a 2017 home invasion at Dina and Cantin’s Holmdel, NJ residence could have been related to the 2015 attack on Cantin.

Manzo and Cantin, now 39, told Holmdel police at the time that, when they entered their home, they were confronted by two men who were already inside. A man hit Cantin multiple times with a baseball bat, while Manzo was hit multiple times by the other man. They were then tied together while the thieves carried away money and jewelry. Cantin, the father of two children, was finally able to break free and call 911. They were taken to a local hospital and received treatment for facial injuries.

Dina Manzo House located in Holmdel New Jersey.
Dina Manzo’s home in Holmdel, New

At the time, Manzo and Cantin lived in California, where they currently reside, but were visiting their home state for the First Communion party for Dina’s goddaughter, Audriana Giudice, the daughter of “RHONJ” co-star, Teresa Giudice.

The strange attack featured, according to the affidavit, “an Italian boy with a North Jersey accent” who says to the couple, “This is what happens when you fuck with people from Paterson.”

James “Jimmy Balls” Mainello, 52, of Bayonne, was charged with charges related to the invasion of the house last summer. His attorney Marco Laracca told The Post that his client is innocent and is seeking to be “fully exonerated.”

DePaola believes that it must have been ordered by someone who knows Dina. “They were only at home from California for two days for the christening. Isn’t it a coincidence that the home invasion happened then? Who else but the people in Dina’s circle knew they would even be home? “DePaola said.” That thief guy does a little homework. That house had been empty.

Dina and Cantin got on a plane just after the 2017 attack and, to the best of DePaola’s knowledge, they have not returned to Jersey since.

“Dina has been through a lot and I think she has been very scared by everything that happened,” said DePaola. “You know what? It was a girl who was looking for love and finally found it.

“Tommy didn’t want her until he was gone. It’s his loss. She came through.”


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