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Trump says raising the Confederate flag is a problem of “freedom of expression”

President Trump said the decision to fly the Confederate flag comes down to “freedom of expression,” after criticizing NASCAR for banning the flag at its career events.

“My position is very simple: it is freedom of expression,” Trump said in an interview with the Nexstar broadcast Tuesday at the White House.

“You do what you do. It’s freedom of speech, “the president said.” NASCAR can do whatever it wants, and they’ve chosen to go a certain way, other people choose a different route. “

Trump said his Monday tweet about NASCAR should not be critical.

“I was talking about the fact that NASCAR chose to go a certain way and that will be up to them.” That depends on them, “he said.

In the post, Trump also suggested that Bubba Wallace apologize after assuming that a “knot” found at his garage stall last month was a hate crime, and the FBI determined that it was a garage tug that had been there since October 2019..

“@BubbaWallace apologized to all those great NASCAR drivers and officers who came to his aid, stood by him and were willing to sacrifice everything for him, only to discover that it was all just another HOAX?” said. “That Flag decision has caused the lowest ratings EVER!”

The rope was found at Talladega Speedway by a member of Richard Petty Motorsports who alerted Wallace’s crew.

The FBI, after an investigation, said the video showed that the rope had been hanging on the post since at least October.

Protests after George Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minneapolis have focused on reforming law enforcement agencies, but have also included overthrowing statues of historical figures, as well as calls for renamed bases US military with the names of Confederate soldiers.

NASCAR announced last month that it would ban the flag at its events and properties after Wallace urged the organization to remove the flags because “no one should feel uncomfortable when they come to a NASCAR race.”


Source From ”Nypost.com”


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